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Insurance Themed Gamification Project

About the project

We like games as we described on the About Us page and illustrated on the Stretching Storyline’s Limits page. In brief, this was a fun demo we have worked on. In a nutshell, the Client sent us a really dry insurance claim document, with the task to make it more easy to learn and engaging. Therefore, we decided to apply gamification in this project.

Certainly, we really loved the challenge because the topic itself seemed daunting to recreate in an engaging way. As a result, we thought the best way to make a really dry content engaging is to make it a game but still keep the scenario itself close to what the learners will have to do. 

What’s more, the Client wanted to test us, so they didn’t give us any ideas of the target audience. This is why the inspiration for this came from a PC game that captivated a lot of people regardless of target audience preference. 

What we did
  • Extracted the most important information from the document we received and created a storyboard.


  • Came up with a concept that potentially can be used regardless of target audience attributes.


  • Produced assets that are close to neutral in style so it can be used in different environments.


  • Developed a game that conveyed the dry information in a fun, easy-to-remember way.


  • Created a voice-over script –  for the purposes of the demo a text-to-speech software was used.
  • The client didn’t provide any information about the target audience, so we had to come up with a style that tries to comply with different target audience attributes.


  • The source we received was a really dry topic, so it was a real challenge to come up with an idea to make it easy-to-learn and fun.
  • Only three days were provided to create the demo.

Insurance Themed Demo

This is an interactive demo, please use the internal navigation.



Above all, the need for change can never be stopped or avoided. There are times when the content, brand or eLearning must be updated with new colors, assets or information. We can help you make the change exciting and fast instead of frightening.

On one hand, if you’ve already settled on the change requirements, we will strictly follow your brand guidelines. Frequent check-ins will allow you to ensure the rebrand is being conducted according to your need.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a change, but don’t know how to get there, we can guide you with ideas, advice and a helping hand along the way.

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Motion Design

What we provide:

Certainly, you know that pictures tell a thousand words. Now imagine what we can do with a moving picture.

We absolutely make graphics come to life, where only imagination is the limit. Whether a simple diagram or still graphic with roll overs, adding motion creates a much more effective visual experience.

Our aim is to make pictures come to life while conforming to your corporate design. ab

Video Editing


First of all, there are times when stockphotos and stationary pictures are not enough and you want to show something more. Something that’s vibrant, alive and tells a story on different levels.

Certainly, we can create videos that showcase the quality of your company and product. What’s more, we can work from your script or help you develop one. We will then work with you in an iterative process to make sure the video performs exactly to your expectations.

eLearning Development


Firstly, whenever we receive an eLearning development project, we ask ourselves: how can we make it something new that’s never been seen and how can we make it highly engaging for Learners? After evaluating the target audience, our aim is to make the course as exciting and easy to learn as possible, using the latest design standards.

Besides, eLearning can and should be much more than boring slide page turners that quickly loose interest. Above all, we strive to turn your basic storyboards into eLearning that pops – to keep the audience involved and excited throughout the learning experience. What’s more our techniques will make your courses teach themselves, without the Learner feeling “I just have to get through it.”

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In addition, our experience is that whatever the age and profession of the target audience, it’s often hard to sit down and learn about something that is not necessarily in our scope of interest. Therefore, we pour all our passion into the course design to make it as engaging and exciting as possible, so that when the learner sits down and starts the course they will be motivated to finish it.

However, we fully understand that Clients often come to the table with existing ideas and requirements for their training. We are always happy to work with your storyboard to develop the eLearning that suits your timeline and budget