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Project Rescue: Turning Challenges into Triumph


A project arrived at Educating Media fraught with difficulties. The previous instructional designer had significantly overextended project hours. They made errors in content analysis and failed to adhere to corporate design guidelines, which rendered the assets unusable. Additionally, we only had the chance to process a quarter of the client’s comprehensive information package. There was just a week left until the delivery date. Faced with this formidable challenge, our team swiftly deployed innovative eLearning solutions to strategically overhaul the project.

Our Approach

Recognizing the urgency and complexity of the task at hand, our team at Educating Media embarked on an intensive recovery mission with several key strategies:

Strategic Communication

We initiated extensive discussions with the client to fully understand their needs and priorities, enabling us to propose a realistic timeline and approach that aligned with the project’s deadline and budget constraints.

Rebranding and Redesign

Our team undertook the redesign of the course materials to ensure full compliance with the latest brand standards, rejuvenating the course’s visual and instructional appeal.

Thorough Content Analysis

We conducted a new, comprehensive content analysis to extract all essential information. We presented our findings to the client, who promptly gave their swift approval.

Engagement and Interactivity

To transform the technical, mathematically-focused content into a dynamic and interactive learning experience, we prioritized engagement.Screenshot from the course

Leveraging our in-depth skills in video editing and graphic design, our team at Educating Media developed lifelike scenarios. These not only retained learner attention but also enhanced comprehension. By intertwining real-world applications with theoretical knowledge, we ensured the learning process was not only informative but also captivating. This innovative approach, a key part of our innovative eLearning solutions, showcased our team’s creative synergy and dedication to elevating educational content.

Asset Creation

Through professional video editing and creating new, brand-aligned assets, we crafted a course that not only met but significantly exceeded the client’s expectations. This effort added substantial value to the educational experience.


Despite the initial setbacks, Educating Media successfully delivered the eLearning course within the tight deadline:

On Time and Budget

Our effective communication and strategic planning ensured the project was completed on time without exceeding the budget.

Quality and Satisfaction

The course was not just salvaged; it was transformed into a high-quality, engaging learning experience that thoroughly impressed the client.

Client Appreciation

The client expressed profound satisfaction with the revamped course, thereby highlighting our ability to turn a potentially disastrous situation into a resounding success.

Consequently, this project showcases Educating Media’s commitment to excellence, our capacity to handle challenging situations, and our dedication to delivering exceptional eLearning solutions under pressure.