The Pillars of Educating Media


INSPIRE Through Creativity

At Educating Media, we harness the power of creativity to inspire both educators and learners. Through captivating multimedia content and immersive eLearning experiences, we strive to awaken a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for knowledge.  

INNOVATE with Technology

Innovation lies at the heart of everything we do. By integrating the latest AI technologies and cutting-edge digital solutions, Educating Media is redefining what’s possible in the realm of eLearning. Our commitment to innovation means we’re continually pushing boundaries, developing new methodologies, and adopting forward-thinking strategies to enhance learning experiences. 

EDUCATE for the Future

Education is the foundation upon which we build a brighter future. At Educating Media, we’re passionate about crafting educational experiences that are not only engaging and informative but also deeply impactful. Our goal is to make education accessible to everyone, everywhere, breaking down barriers and opening up new horizons of opportunity.

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Tara Pangakis
Tara PangakisLearning, Development and Knowledge Management
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It has been a pleasure working with Kristóf Szever over the last year. I highly recommend him for his exceptional skills in Articulate Storyline and Rise and other cutting-edge learning technology tools. He has a remarkable ability to develop engaging, interactive, visually appealing, and informative e-learning modules. His expertise in these tools contributes greatly to our team, and he has successfully delivered several cost-effective projects, most recently a fantastic business simulation.

Apart from their technical skills, he is a tremendous team player who works collaboratively with his colleagues to achieve project goals promptly. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and provide guidance whenever needed. His positive attitude and willingness to learn new things make him a joy to work with. Kristóf is an invaluable asset to any team.
Jennifer Moortgat
Jennifer MoortgatFirst degree connection Community Success Manager at the Consortium for Service Innovation
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Kristóf is easy to work with, great at problem solving and timely in his response and services. I would highly recommend him for any services he provides.
Mark Whiteley
Mark WhiteleySenior Video Production Specialist
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I've been collaborating with Kristóf for years. His high level of professionalism and his wealth of knowledge and experience has been instrumental to our teams success. He is reliable and hard working. I'm always confident that the projects he's working on will be completed quickly and accurately. Kristóf is a pleasure to work with.
 Kristina Schmidt
Kristina SchmidtDirector of Instructional Design I Trainicity
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Kristóf is that rare mix of a super-creative individual with high-level technology skills AND the professionalism to deliver project on time, every time. He is an outstanding thought partner in the design stage of projects, and an invaluable problem-solver when projects hit a snag. 🙂 I always enjoy working on projects with Kristóf and I almost always learn something new. He is always learning and improving his skillsets, plus, he's just a nice guy. An all-around A+ instructional designer.
Barry Behannon
Barry BehannonVoiceOver • Motion Graphics • Production
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Kristóf is a powerhouse in the multimedia realm! At QLytix, we've tackled projects together using Premiere and After Effects. His lightning-fast editing skills are unparalleled, often delivering overnight miracles. Beyond his speed, he's a problem-solving champ and a pleasure to work with. Even as an AE enthusiast myself, Kristóf's shared some killer tricks that blew my mind. He's a true eLearning innovator, and his dedication to excellence shines through every project. Keep rocking, Kristóf!

The Team

Kristóf, Szever

Beginning my career at 18 as a junior e-Learning developer, I quickly embraced the creativity required for engaging course development using Adobe Captivate and Premier Pro.

My journey led me to expand my skills in interaction design, video editing, and mastering the full Adobe Suite package to enhance visual appeal. Driven by a passion for continuous learning, I’ve also delved into Blender and After Effects, making multimedia development not just my career but my hobby.

With over a decade of experience, I’ve founded my own company to fully implement my passion and ideas.

Kristóf, Szever
Szilvia, Karika profile picture

Szilvia, Karika

My career commenced as a Technical Writer, where I stood as the exclusive liaison for 40 IT professionals, mastering the art of documentation tailored for users at all levels. This role marked the beginning of my journey, which saw me evolve from crafting documents and training materials to bridging the divide between technical teams and client needs, ultimately enriching my proficiency in creating impactful educational content.

Armed with a robust foundation in technical communication, analytics, and eLearning design, I have dedicated over a decade to innovation at the nexus of education and technology. My endeavor has always been to transform raw information into profound knowledge, leveraging my diverse skill set to make learning accessible and engaging.

What We Offer

Creative and Innovative

We blend artistic design with innovative technology to create eLearning solutions that are not only visually stunning but also educationally effective, ensuring your projects stand out.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging the latest in AI and digital design tools, we stay at the forefront of eLearning development.This commitment to technology means your projects benefit from the most advanced features and functionalities available.

More than a decade
of experience

Our work is guided by the highest standards of quality and innovation. We don’t just aim to meet your expectations; we strive to exceed them, delivering excellence in every aspect of our work.

Continuous Support/

We pride ourselves on our transparent communication and ongoing support throughout every phase of a project. From initial consultation to final delivery, we keep you informed and involved, ensuring your total satisfaction.

The Nightwatch

At Educating Media, we leverage our geographical advantage to offer our clients a service that is relentless, just like our passion for eLearning and multimedia design. This continuous cycle of development means that we're always on, so your projects evolve even as the world sleeps.

Our Vision

In today’s ever-evolving learning landscape, Educating Media stands at the forefront, pioneering accessible and innovative eLearning experiences. Our mission is to create transformative education beyond traditional boundaries, leveraging multimedia to ignite potential in learners worldwide.

We aim to build a global learning community, breaking down barriers with digital solutions that are as captivating as they are educational. By merging creativity with technology, we design personalized learning pathways that meet the diverse needs of today’s digital era.

Committed to excellence, innovation, and collaboration, we exceed client expectations and redefine eLearning standards. Join Educating Media in leading educational change, inspiring action, and shaping a brighter, inclusive future of learning.

Our Mission

Educating Media is dedicated to transforming the educational landscape with innovative and engaging eLearning solutions. Our expertise in multimedia design, from Adobe to Articulate Storyline and beyond, enables us to craft learning experiences that resonate and enlighten.

Our mission focuses on empowering educators and learners with essential tools and content, elevating digital education to be more accessible and impactful. We leverage creativity to inspire growth and foster a world where learning is universally available.

Our approach centers on innovation, engagement, empowerment, and inspiration. We strive to:

  • Innovate by pushing eLearning boundaries with the latest technologies and creative methods.
  • Engage through compelling content that makes learning enjoyable and valuable.
  • Empower educators and learners with accessible tools and knowledge.
  • Inspire clients and their audiences with transformative educational experiences.

Educating Media is committed to excellence, collaboration, and forward-thinking, aiming to make a significant impact with each creative solution.

The Nightwatch

In the modern, fast-paced business environment, continuous progress is crucial. Educating Media, strategically positioned in Europe, offers a significant advantage to our global clients. Our geographical location allows us to continue working on eLearning projects, a service we’ve aptly named “Nightwatch.” This unique capability ensures that development doesn’t pause even as you wrap up your day, maintaining efficiency and keeping us at the forefront of the eLearning and multimedia design industry.

Seamless Global Collaboration

Leveraging different time zones, our Nightwatch service transforms potential obstacles into remarkable advantages. As our clients sign off for the evening, our team is just beginning, maintaining a cycle of productivity that accelerates project timelines and enhances output quality. This approach maximizes our workday and aligns perfectly with businesses looking to minimize downtime and achieve superior results.

Your Success, Supercharged

With Educating Media’s Nightwatch, your projects gain momentum even while you rest. This around-the-clock development strategy means you could end your day with questions and wake up to solutions and progress. Our commitment to non-stop innovation is our pledge to keep your projects moving forward, offering you a seamless and efficient partnership.

A World Where Work Never Stops

Our Nightwatch service is more than a geographical advantage; it’s a testament to our relentless service commitment in eLearning and multimedia design. This continuous development cycle ensures that we’re always on, advancing your projects even as the world sleeps. It’s this uninterrupted drive forward that stands as one of our greatest strengths, meeting and exceeding your expectations, one night at a time.

Let’s work together